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How To Lessen Separation Anxiety And Prepare Your Kid For School

How To Lessen Separation Anxiety And Prepare Your Kid For School

As babies, your child remains at home for almost the whole week. They only get to go out when you bring them to a party, run to the grocery shop, or go out at the park for day outs or walks. They are also used to see you (or their guardian) around, and in their head, they recognize this whole routine and environment as their safe zone.However, when they start to attend good schools, they have to leave this safe zone behind for a couple of hours every weekday. This requires a huge shift in their routine and environment – and because of these huge (and sometimes sudden) changes, some kids cry and throw tantrums during their first day of school. A somehow expected, but still inconvenient scenario for both parents and teachers.This is because most kids feel anxious and scared with all these new people and children around them. Another thing is that, the environment is still unfamiliar – and they cannot even call their mommy/guardian anymore for comfort. To avoid a crying scenario at school, you can actually prepare your little one to be a bit independent before he goes to christian schools Croydon or daycares – here’s how:

Lessen your time around them.

It is natural for a parent to be very doting towards their kids, but to instill some independence in them, you need to be a bit tough too. Some kids will cry when they turn and not see you around, but that scenario will happen over and over again in school if they aren’t taught to be independent early on at home. To train them to be a bit independent, you have to lessen your time around them. How? That leads us to. Visit for private high schools in Croydon.

Introduce them to more people outside the home.

One way to lessen your child’s anxiety around new people is to gradually introduce them to different persons from outside your home. It could be people from your community/neighborhood, people and children in a play house (or playgroup), or extended family members and family friends who live near your area.If you have a trusted family member or a babysitter who can take care of your child for an hour or so, you can leave it to them while you go out for groceries and errands. This way, you get to lessen your time around the child while they can also explore social relationships that does not involve a parent. Just make sure that you come back as scheduled, so that the child will eventually learn to trust you more (because they know that you will come back as promised) and trust other adults around him/her while you are out. They need to develop this so that he/she will not be afraid of the teacher once school starts.

Leave them to do activities by themselves for an hour or so.

If you cannot trust anyone in your area, you can opt to leave your child to do some activities on their own for an hour or so – but still with minimal supervision. You can leave them to play toys, draw and color stuff while you are in the kitchen or living room (watching them from time to time).

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